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Ndali Lodge is a luxury facility in the heart of Uganda’s volcanic lakes overlooked by the Rwenzori Mountains also known as mountains of moon. The lodge is surrounded by beautiful tea plantations rolling over the hills and surrounded by angelic nature in Kibale Forest National Park, lying at the rim of Nyinambuga lake. The view of the carter lake on one side and the Rwenzori mountain on the other side is fabulous.

Ndali Lodge

The lodge situated 1000-acre state besides the 100 acres on coffee, bananas, and vanilla cultivations the rest of the land was reforested and is now a habitat for monkeys and birds. Ndali Lodge was originally owned by a tea farmer Trevor Price and was developed by his son in the 1990s the facility is now run by Aubrey Price whose attention to detail and the good land care has been remarkably appreciated by tourists.

The lodge was built with locally sourced material designed to blend with the landscape. The power of the lodge is all solar in a thatch, wood, stone build consisting of 8 amazing cottages having an ensuite bathrooms with a flash toilet, basin shower, and a stand-alone bath. The main lodge includes the reception, lounge, dining area, bar and veranda marked with chosen local art crafts and lit at night by candles. The main lodge interior is superb with intimate and relaxing mood having polishes floors, exposed beams, and light weight sitting.

Ndali Lodge

Ndali Lodge is a thatch wood and stone build situated at the rim of the volcano. While at the lodge, one can participate in activities like lake swimming, Bigodi swamp walk, and chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest National Park. It is a key activity attracting most clients that come to the park, the park hosts 13 primate species popular for the chimpanzee. The primate is a very social, intelligent and communicable.

It has the ability to use tools to crash nuts like rocks, empties pods to collect water and baby sit each other’s young ones, the chimpanzee shares 98% of the human DNA closest to mankind. The park is most sought of for primate safaris because not only chimpanzee stay here but also the black and white colobus monkey, grey checked mangabey, olive baboons, red-tailed monkey among others. it takes approximately 45 minutes’ drive from the lodge to the park.

swimming pool area

Ndali runs an organization called Ndali Ventures together with the Kasiisi Project based nearby Bigodi. As a way of giving back to the community, it sponsors children, help in construction of schools and in one way has developed Kibale region to some level.

The lodge is located in western Uganda approximately 6 hours’ drive from Kampala near Kibale Forest National Park the capital of primates.

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