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Lake Mburo National Park is conveniently located close to the western high way that connects Kampala to the parks of western Uganda. It doubles as the smallest park situated between Masaka and Mbarara district taking approximately 4 hours drive. The park covers 370km2 in size including the lake. Lake Mburo National Park is endowed with several wildlife species for example giraffes, buffalos, elands, warthogs, waterbucks, antelopes, zebras, oribis, topi, and on a boat cruise, you can be able to view hippos and crocodiles.

The park has a variety of vegetative habitats that surround the open water Lake Mburo. The lake’s western side is dominated by a grassy escarpment rising above shore line fringed with acacia forest and a closed canopy Rubanga. To the north and east grassy valley floors made seasonally lush and soggy by rain drain between undulating hills. It has a very respectable bird list with around 350 bird species recorded to date. A few of these including shoebill, papyrus yellow, warbler, African fin foot, saddle billed stock, acacia woodland bird.

Horseback riding is an initiative of Mihingo Safari Lodge in Lake Mburo National Park. It has about 7 horses and four ponies and a maximum number of 6 participants can part take in the safari. It is one of the most amazing safari experiences which is safe and exciting. During the horseback ride, you will be able to spot giraffes, topi, zebras, the beautiful scenery and vegetation of the national park. Knowledgeable guides are there to accompany the tourists to the horse riding. Participants can go for a night ride which gives a chance to see the nocturnal animals like hyenas.

Horseback riding rates are based on the time spent with the horse while out in the wild. Horseback riding in Lake Mburo National Park is the best way to sample wildlife and allows you get off the usual game tracks into the plains and closer to the wild animals that feel more comfortable around a horse than safari vehicles.

This activity is only at Lake Mburo National Park offered by Mihingo Safari Lodge. Tourists will enjoy the rare experience of basing around wildlife and getting so close with it.

Besides the horseback riding in Lake Mburo National Park, there are other thrilling activities that keep visitors always on the desire for more. Some of the most common activities include game drives in the national park, boat cruise, bird watching, nature walks, fishing, cultural tours among other activities.

Lake Mburo National Park lies between two towns of Masaka and Mbarara in western Uganda, 228km from Kampala about 4 hours’ drive. The park can be accessed through two gates Sanga and Nshara the turning of Nshara gate is 13km past Lyantonde. The junction of Sanga Gate is at Sanga Trading Center 27km past Lyantonde both junctions are clearly signposted.

Uganda Wildlife Authority provides a range of budget accommodation in the park on the eastern side of Lake Mburo. Permanent tents are available at Rwonyo Rest Camp, while beautiful campsite is positioned on the lake shore. Accommodation is found at Mantana Tented Camp and Mihingo Safari Lodge which stands just outside the Eastern boundary of the park.

In conclusion, horseback riding in Lake Mburo National Park is one of the rarest activities and is one thing one shouldn’t miss out on. Explore the wonders of Uganda wildlife with Verdant Safaris.

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