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Apoka Safari Lodge is located in the centre of Kidepo Valley National Park, one of the most secluded parks with the most breathtaking vistas, in a remote area of northeastern Uganda near the borders with Sudan and Kenya. It is considered to be among the best places in Africa to go on safari because of its stunning scenery, craggy hills, and golden meadows scattered with wildlife. It is also the only place in Uganda where cheetahs live.

Apoka Safari Lodge

The Apoka Lodge is located in the stunning kopjes that overlook the Narus valley in Kidepo, towards the south of the park. Since the wetlands of Narus are the only permanent sources of water during the dry season, many animals congregate there to graze and hunt. Using binoculars, guests can easily search for wildlife while lounging in the lodge, including impalas, hartebeests, cape buffaloes, lions, cheetahs, and oribi, among other species.

Keep an eye out for wildlife, since the park is home to over 400 species, ranking second on the bird list after Queen Elizabeth National Park. Some of the more notable species are the African hoope, pygmy falcon, rapels vulture, yellow-throated long claw, and abyssian groundbill. The lodge boasts ten spacious rooms with natural canvas walls surrounding a rocky kopje that offer endless views of the savannah grass land. Each room has an en suite sitting area, large hand towels, woven carpets, and an outdoor stone bathtub large enough to bathe a family. The lodge also features a deep swimming pool carved out of rock.

Apoka Safari Lodge

Apoka Safari Lodge is the only upmarket resort in Kidepo. It features a fantastic restaurant that serves a broad choice of meals prior to bookings being made. The climate at the resort is semi-arid, with high temperatures, little food sources, and scarce water. The lodge’s fully stocked bar provides a variety of alternatives for guests looking to unwind.

Activities available at the lodge include swimming, sundowners, private dinners, bush breakfast, and trips to the nearby Karamojong community. Originally cattle keepers, the Karamojong gradually began to adapt to changes in their way of life. Organised trips to the Karamojong manyattas (homes) allow visitors to observe traditional tools, spears, jewellery, bows, and arrows. Game drives to the Narus Valley, which has excellent game trails and offers breathtaking views of the Morungule Mountain Range to the north, are highly recommended.

lioness near apoka safari lodge

The region has a semi-arid environment with scorching temperatures, one rainy season per year, and little rainfall. It is advised to pack lightweight clothing, such as long sleeve shirts and pants, bug repellent, boots, and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. It is best to make reservations before the day of arrival.

The park situated in northern Uganda; travelling there by car is more gratifying because it takes you through a pristine wilderness. It is about 571 square kilometres and goes through the following routes: Kampala, Karuma, Gugulu, and Kidepo. Chatter flights may be arranged from Kampala to Kajansi or Entebbe.

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